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Ace Coatings can offer the following services

For the best advice on which gun will suit your requirements and existing equipment simply give us a call. We are always happy to advise you and help get you the best product for your application. Remember, cheap is not always the solution and will bring its own problems.

ACE Coatings can support the customer with consumable items for their production facility including spray guns, pumps, primary and secondary filter media, paint and air lines, gun filters, tips , caps and needles.
Service can be ON SITE or at a Modern Facility where we repair, service, test and commission before dispatch back to the customer.
We do our best to prioritize with customer breakdowns as we understand the costs involved in lost production and down time. Time is always of the essence so we aim to get to you as soon as is safely possible.
Although we do not carry every part for every product our stock of spares and service parts is very extensive and we have access to practically every make of popular spray equipment on the market.
Our range includes: Conventional spray systems, Electrostatic Systems, HVLP System, Air driven airless and Air assisted Airless units.
Electric, Petrol, Pneumatic and Hydraulic driven systems for the Decorative and Industrial Market.
Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual spraying systems.

Customer Options for Wet Coating Applications
ACE Coatings Operate a full range of customer backup facilities, including but not limited to the following:
Breakdown cover (we can offer scheduled maintenance and breakdown contracts to suit the requirements of your equipment and production).
Planned maintenance programs (you know the best times for planned maintenance so we can build this into our schedules to ensure zero disruption to production while performing planned maintenance).
Staged project management (planning your project through stage by stage to reduce inconvenience and help prevent lost production while your project is underway). Expansion of existing facilities (we will take your requirements along with floor plans and drawings to find the most practical way of expanding your existing paint facilities. Schedule deliveries of new plant along with monitored installation and commissioning with the least disruption possible).
Turnkey installations (bespoke systems from start to finish, designed to bring increased production, reduced costs, reliability, efficiency, better finish and quality specific to your product and or plant).

Ovens for Drying Your Painted Products
Whatever the product:- size, shape or weight, whatever the fuel:- Gas, Electricity, LPG, Propane, Oil.
We can design the oven to suit your requirements.
We base our ovens completely around the customers requirements, each oven is designed with one customer specifically in mind you.
We do not have a standardd oven, although there may be some common sizes, each oven and its control system is bespoke and differs from the last and to the next oven.
Infa Red is also offered as an alternative method of drying.

Refurbishment of Spray Equipment
We also RESTORE paint pumping, plant and related equipment for many of our customers. There are times when the replacement of a system or component part is simply not possible for many reasons. In these cases we have been not just asked to service or repair but to fully Restore portions of plant.

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact Simon Newman.
tel: 07737 777852 email: simon@acecoatings.co.uk

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